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January 8, 2009

Under the radar

Since arriving in Australia I have spent some time reading through the Sydney Morning Herald. (It was the one that arrived at my hotel room if I'm honest)

I turned to the business pages, as I always do, and to be frank - I'm not impressed.

2 - 3 pages of discussions about the top three or four companies and sectors in the nation, a few small time comments on the trends in the market and thats it. Pathetic example of a national business information source.

Nothing on Billabong , the Australian surf gear retailer who has taken over the world, or Elfin , the nations only sports car manufacturer, or even the sale of MYOB  - nor of its rise to fame as a mainstream accounting package.

It also brings to light another surprising fact about the tough times we are facing. Under the surface, many companies are doing remarkably well.

If you look past the big hit authors, issues, companies and trends, there are many very powerful stories, opportunities and companies who continue to thrive in tough times.

Under the radar right now there are opportunities opening up that you will not see if you continue to look where everyone else looks. There are cost saving initiatives and approaches that are emerging that nobody is looking at.

While everyone is focusing on operational spending a select few are starting to be very innovative on the capital spending side of things. While everyone is crowding out the social media and relationship marketing avenues, display advertising spaces are on sale!

And so on... what is under the radar in your industry?