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December 26, 2008

Your defense against outsourcing

Think you knowledge worker status protects you from outsourcing?

Think again. Tata Consultancy doesn't agree with you, neither does Vertex or Accenture, and neither for that matter do or

Whatever you do can be done cheaper and probably faster by somebody overseas. In fact, it probably already is your clients just don't realize it yet.

I have nothing against most forms of outsourcing, except off shore manufacturing, but it does go against my fondness for high yield billable work.

Brand, brand, brand - not "Get me a great presentations trainer" but "Get me Daryl Mather", not "Get me an ERP consultancy" but "Get me (insert your name)"

Build a trust based asset, write - a lot - develop other streams of income, become the clear choice for anyone needing advice in your area - and do it today!