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December 15, 2008

The World IS NOT Flat

After deciding the industry was worth saving at this point in time, lawmakers blocked a bail out package based on the wages of it’s workers.


Unlike outsourced IT, offshore manufacturing takes work that supports a lower middle class lifestyle, and transfers it to a place where it supports enslavement, horrific working conditions. and a hand to mouth existence.

Is an industry that requires US citizens to ultimately live and work like this worth saving?

Should a government actually be telling its citizens that they cannot have a better quality of life than the one you already have?

In fact, they seem to think that they have already gone “past their station” in life.
(Just like under mad King George)

And…why didn’t anybody ask this about the white collar workers at the banks?

And where's the bail out for the newspaper industry????

Disgraceful conduct…want to make a change? How about starting with the leadership that led them into this mess.