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December 7, 2008

Want to help me on a blogging project?

I am writing a book on Trust. It's called Bank on it! And it is about how trust can help you to get more clients, increase your revenues and achieve success generally.

I am really enjoying the process and you can participate in this by joining our community at (Join WeBook, Apply for the Consulting Pulse group, then go for it)

At the same time I am writing a secret blog. The blog is about trust, and relates to the chapters and themes of the book. 

When I publish the book, I will publicize the blog at the same time. I think it should work very well.

So - the question is do you want to help me?

Do you want to post relevent posts on this secret blog? 

I will draw market it of course. All credit will be given (fully) and I will even post your name and LinkedIn profile (or whatever) on the front page of the blog for all to see.

I don't intend to edit the posts, or review them. I will give you access - you post! Its all about trust after all. 

But - you must have read the chapters and be able to relate your posts to those themes. 

I think this will be a fascinating experiment. Interested? Email me