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December 5, 2008

Tis the season...

One of the things that has really pricked my conscience of late is the level of inequity in the world. I struggle everyday, as we all do, and I am still more fortunate than probably 90% of the worlds population.

One of the sad things I have learned recently is that the world is not flat. Not at all. Outsourcing IT has benefited Asia greatly, but off-shoring manufacturing just takes work that was supporting a middle class lifestyle, and transports it to countries where it supports enslavement and a hand to mouth existence.

I could go on about that...but I won't - not here.

There is not much I can do about it. I write letters for amnesty international, I donate a small percentage of my salary to, but outside of that I am pretty powerless. I can't influence world leaders, I can't change the course of history and I can't pick up my family and go and work in Africa for a couple of years.

I will be starting to blog about some of these issues shortly, but not here.

But I can consult. I can teach people how to market themselves and their ideas in an interconnected world, and I can tell people how to make change. I can do this because it is what I do. I change big companies and I help them to get the word out about it.

So... here goes, if you know of a worthy charity, as we get nearer to Christmas a Christian church (or related charity) would be good I suppose, who could use some assistance like that then please get them to contact me.

I can do email, webinars, and one to one conversations to help them work through some of their issues and work out how to take the next step on whatever it is they are doing.

Thats the best I can do now, I hope somebody takes me up on it.