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December 17, 2008

Things we don't say anymore...

My kids saw an icon of an envelope the other day and immediately said "Look Daddy! Email!"

It made me think about all the things we gre up saying that have vanished from our lexicon.

Feel free to add to it if you like. 

"Smoking please" - don't even think about it.

"Can I have a coffee please?" - Nope. Only a double tall mocha with cream and vanilla will do now.

"Who would know that?" - Google does...

"Do you have any stamps?" - what are they?

"Does it play 45's as well?" - Olden day iPods.

"Did you read about (whatever) in the paper today?" - only the over 50's...sometimes!

"Let's rent a video" - olden day iPods (again)

"Do you have an Atari?" - just old...

"There's no money in the Internet" - my uncles sage advice to me in the mid 1990's.(Goes with my fathers wise statement that we would never fill the 20m hard drive on our 286 PC - even if we tried!)

And the biggest change to routine in my lifetime...
"Of course I'm at home. How else could I answer the phone?" - remember that...big things attached to the wall with a dial on the front. Wow...