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December 25, 2008

Social Media Overload

I have had pretty much enough of the Social media circus. Tech Crunch is doing a great job, as is Venture Beat, but a lot of it is just bloggers having a conversation among themselves while everybody watches.

And you know what? It lends very little value to anything!

Aside from the two blogs mentioned above, most of the Social Media blogs and talking heads rarely ever mention how a product is going to add quantifiable value to business, individuals or even to society. (Aside from Kiva which everybody mentions relentlessly)

It is an ever spiraling discussion about functionalities, programs and networks with no real value in it at all.

Don't get me wrong. I get it. I understand that media is splintering into a million little pieces. (We are the media now) I also get it that social networks have opened up a plethora of opportunities.

So lets start talking about the opportunities and how to leverage them! Not just endless prattle about new networks, systems and programs without discussing the benefits. 

Why is LinkedIn great? Large groups of professionals to get ideas from, sell to, and network with.

Why is Twitter great? Short one liners to be shared with a group of like minded people.

There is money in there, there is value for everyone reading this blog.