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December 8, 2008

The resistance of the old

Why didn't Barnes and Noble become

Why didn't SAP become

Why did GM not invent the Prius hybrid?

Why isn't disney or pixar dominating YouTube with 4 - 7 minute videos for the young at heart? (Just like this series that my kids watch endlessly)

Why isn't there a credible alternative to Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann on YouTube?

Why is The Huffington Post still the only credible news source of its kind? Isn't this also needed in, say, the UK or Australia? And why, in fact, did News Corp not create The Huffington Post anyway?

What could your company morph into? What opportunities are you missing out on while you try to reinforce the old?

Forget outsourcing to India, why isn't Accenture running an advise on request online program of some kind.

Could your SEO company turn into an online do-it-yourself social marketing system with analytics, reports and initiative management?

It could be that the thing you fear is the thing you should actually become. But be warned, once you find it the companies establishment will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.