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December 9, 2008

Its not what they say it's how you react

They Say: You're abrasive

I Say: I'm direct

They Say: You'll never make it to the top of the game

I Say: Just watch

They Say: Stay in one job long enough and you will rise up the company

I Say: if I don't have a lot of experiences how will I learn?

They Say: You're wrong!

I Say: I'm okay with being wrong, I learn when I'm wrong

They say: Do as I say

I say: Learn from what others do

They say: You need a college degree

I say: Good idea but I missed that boat, but wait till you see what life has shown me

They say: You are hitting above your weight

I Say: Fun isn't it?

They Say: Think Target not Tiffany

I Say: How can I afford to shop at Tiffany's?

They Say: Don't stand out

I Say: Being ordinary scares the life out of me

They Say: You need to lose weight

I Say: Good point, I have two small kids and a wonderful wife

What drives your future, your life and the way things work out for you is not what other people say - it is how you react to it!