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December 22, 2008

If times are so tough…

…why are people still insisting on purchasing SAP type architecture systems when SaaS is quicker and delivers what clients need for a fraction of the cost?

…why are you still paying for the Microsoft license fee when will do almost exactly the same function. And it’s free! Also, because it’s open source there is an army of people out there working on making it better.

…why are you still travelling all over the globe to deliver services and attend meetings when you can reach people anywhere in the world for free on Skype? (WHY!!)

…why are you still paying for Webinars when will allow you to do it for nothing?

…why are we still using the exchange servers when we could be using Gmail globally?

…why spend more for books when we can carry a library in our Kindle?

…why haven’t we centralized our resource planning and scheduling using or other online software?

The resistance of the old  is the reason why GM didn’t make the Prius, why Barnes and Nobles didn’t become Amazon and why "Old Media" is soon going to be olden day media.

There are no strong reasons for not totally or partially adopting every point from the list above. And there are very good reasons for doing it. ($$$)

So why don’t you?