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November 28, 2008

What should I trust you with?

There is a misconception that people have to like you before they will trust you. I don't agree with this, in fact I trust a great many people that I don't like.

It depends what they want me to trust them for.

Simon Cowell is a case in point. I really dislike the guy. I think he's a bully, he's wrapped up in his own BS and he is far too harsh on young kids in front of a global audience.

But he's right almost always isn't he? If I ever see anybody ask him about somebody's talent or abilities; I listen.

He has proved his abilities to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. I love Il Divo, when I was a kid I was right into the whole Wrestlemania music thing, (Imagine) and I have liked just about every one of the stars that he has put his weight and recommendations behind.

He knows his game, he is good at it, and I trust his judgment fully.

They don't have to like you. Don't waste time trying to get them to like you, and don't waste your energy worrying if they don't like you.

But they have to trust you. They have to know, beyond any possible doubt, that you are the best person in your area for what they need.

How do they know this?

  • Through people who will line up to refer you, 
  • Through a track record that is bulging with facts and references, 
  • Through demonstrated excellence and inspiring work, 
  • Through your articles, blog, books or other products,
  • and through every fiber of your being and how you conduct yourself.

But they don't have to like you. it does make life easier, it does make it easier to get work, but don't waste life over it. People can smell false sincerity a mile away. And when they do they will run a mile in the other direction.

It all starts with you, not with me or with the clients, but with you.

What is it exactly that you want me to trust you with? And how can you prove it beyond a doubt.