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November 24, 2008

Some worthy ambitions...

Todays world is a fascinating place isn't it. What would be some of the great keynote and speaking opportunities today?

A keynote or any speech at TED  would be fantastic. Even now I often go back to watch Seth Godins  talk there from several years ago. it would be truly great to be invited one time... ah well.

THE #1 gig in the world right now, for me at least, would be to speak in one of the @Google Talks . I am a big fan of this YouTube channel and I think it is one of the real glimpses of the future of video entertainment. At least in a documentary / information type program. I just finished watching Henry Kissinger  speak to the Google CEO, phenomenal interview.

The annual Davos  economic forum would be an undeniably great event. Speaking before the worlds leaders in business and politics to an audience of millions around the world. Absolutely brilliant moment in anybodies life I would imagine.

The interesting thing about all of these is that very few of them are actually televised. They are reported on, they become YouTube videos and generate a viral following; but they aren't television events.

This is the inspiration here. if you can professionally produce a video podcast then you can potentially have an audience int he thousands, or hundreds of thousands. It is open to you to do it.

Why do people watch what happens at TED/ because they trust that the people there are some of the most remarkable and innovative people on the planet.

Why do they tune into Davos, because what is said there will influence leaders in business and politics throughout the world. Possibly even driving large parts of several agendas.

And lastly why do people watch the @Google Talks? Have you seen the speaker lists?

YouTube is wide open now. If you can develop a trusted following, through high level innovative content that matters, then you could create your own speakers bureau...without any physical address at all.

Wonderful world isn't it.