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November 4, 2008

One vote at a time

A lot has been made recently about Barack Obamas secret weapon leading up to his election victory. The fact that he was a community organizer and used to calling groups of people to action.

So how do they do that? By putting in the hard miles...

Knocking on doors, interacting with communities, speaking at local events - not just creating local events by speaking, and networking - networking - networking.

Speak to one person, appear to ten, get them to tell their friends and colleagues, appear to ten more... and on and on it goes.

Why do they come? Because when you speak to them, and when they speak to their friends - they think you might have what they are looking for at that point in time.

This is the truth behind community organizing, the truth behind getting out the vote, and the truth behind modern marketing.

Don't be where they are looking be what they are looking for, and when they come - be extra-ordinary.