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November 24, 2008

On winning...

One of the things that has impressed me the most while traveling the world is the vast amount of inequity that there is.

While I am pondering my future, which country I wish to live in and where I want my kids to grow up; there are people just less than 100 meters from me who are living a hand to mouth existence and will be forever.

There are people in the city where I live who are excluded from society, men women and children. people who will never be able to pursue their dreams no matter what form of radical action they take.

And just last week I was sitting down listening to a guy from the US complaining about the injustice of the current economic situation..It puts things into stark contrast doesn't it.

You must win. You have to win. You have a real obligation (As Seth Godin puts it) to win. Not to settle for second best, not to try to survive, but to win.

You have been blessed with riches beyond the comprehension of most of the world, with advantages of good structures, good schooling, good prospects and good health and sanitation.

You must achieve the very best that you can. To do less than that is simply not good enough...