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November 16, 2008

How to be a social media Pariah

I just received this InMail on LinkedIn from some guy I don't know.

" I am looking for opportunities as Manager, Interim Manager or as Coach in your area. What would you recomend me? I suggest we connect. If you agree, my mail is..."

You have got to be kidding right? Who is this guy? Why does he think he has any special access to my network of people? And after such a stunning introduction why on earth would I be interested in linking to him?

When I link to somebody my connections then become part of their network..Connections who trust me, and who would probably not like being spammed by someone who is blatantly out for themselves only.

No thanks..

If you don't know me, or you aren't a member of the ConsultingPulse LinkedIn group , then don't invite me to connect. Or if you do, then please have the courtesy to introduce yourself a bit, and explain why we should open our networks to each other.

Don't ask me for favors, don't ask me for introductions and definitely do not ask me for recommendations . Please!

If I don't know you what am I going to say? "Dave sure can write a mean email!" Bah!!

Trust is earned. Always. Even in the mile a minute universe of online social networking trust is still earned. And if I don't know you, then you have had no chance to earn my trust. Forget it.

What are they thinking...?

Does this only happen to me? Or have others had similar experiences?