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November 9, 2008

Extra-ordinary Consulting

We talk here a lot about the need to be extra-ordinary. Above normal, something that stands out and draws people to come back to see what you are doing, or to talk about you to their colleagues.

I could have just posted my experiences and views on how you can become extraordinary. I could have, but thats what everybody else does. And after all, I want this to be a home of extraordinary consulting.

So I have reached out to some of the worlds leading thinkers on consulting. High profile and successful people who have inspired thousand with their frank speaking styles, leading edge techniques, and powerful results.

The results have been remarkable.

I hope their advice, insight and unique views are as useful to you as they have been to me.

Seth Godin on Consulting

During the week that his book "Tribes" was published Seth Godin answered our questions on how consultants can use tribes to increase their revenues. (More)

A Million Dollars worth of Advice from Alan Weiss

Master consultant Alan Weiss talks about the recession, leveraging your time, and developing your own IP (More)

Consultant Rain Making with Ford Harding

Ford Harding, the author of rain making, gives us some great advice on modern sales and marketing techniques, and starting out as a rain maker. (More)

Bob Burg on Endless Consultant Referrals

Bob shares insightful tips with us on how consultants can maximize their network, generate a flood of word of mouth referrals, and deal with ANY economic climate. (More)

Kevin Hogan on Influencing and Persuasion skills for consultants

We speak with the worlds foremost authority on influence and persuasion on how consultants can achieve greater success. Fantastic easy to implement tips that will help you whether you work in sales, execution, or just for building relationships.

Paul Collins on how to build value into your consulting firm

After building and selling a consulting firm with $100 million in annual revenues, Paul Collins has dedicated his career to helping others to do the same. Some priceless advice on building value into your firm.

Game changing presentations with Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte is the author of Al Gores slides for An Inconvenient Truth and is the go-to person when people need slides who will make a real difference. Great interview on presentation skills.

Advanced Selling Concepts with Bill Caskey

Great advice from a leading thinker on how to sell as a consultant, how to manage a pipeline and the modern sales process. I have been subscribed to Bill's podcast, The Advanced Selling Podcast, for several years and recommend it 100%.


I will continually update this post. So please check back to see who else has been added. At all times I am focusing on people who have had an impact on me, and who offer different and original perspectives on the challenges each of us face in our daily business lives.