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November 20, 2008

Bank on it ! - The Financial impact of trust

For the past couple of months I have been working away on my latest book. This is my first book in the arena of marketing or consulting and I am extremely excited about it.

As I have written here before I intend to publish it through , the self publishing company. And I intend to promote it mostly myself using this blog, the newsletters, and any other viral means I can.

I want this process to be very transparent and out in the open as others can probably learn from what goes right, and what goes wrong.

However what I really want to do is to road test the book, its contents and how it is written with you all if you are interested. So I would like your help!

The Book is called Bank on it!  How trust can help you to increase revenues, get more clients and achieve success.

The Overview

Trust is the hidden force in everything we do. When people trust you they give you repeat work, they refer you to their colleagues and friends, and they will work to defend you if you make any mistakes.

Trust is hard to gain, and hard to lose.

But once you lose it, a relationship based on trust gets replaced by a relationship based on dependence, validation and doubts. Not only that, but when you lose somebodies trust they will actively work against you!

How to help

First, join WeBook, then look for our group called Consulting Pulse.

However, if you just want to read the chapters as they go up and send me an email on the topics then you can find the first chapter of the book is here .

Of course it goes without saying that if you choose to participate in this project you will receive a few emails from me via related to the book. But your email will never be used in any other way of for any other purpose.


In any way...

It's all about trust after all...

Why would I do this? Why put the entire book online to be torn apart? Downloaded and copied?

Because I want to. people are generally good natured, and they are generally honest.

Also, I want this book to command your attention, to inspire you, and to be so filled with value that you will tell 5 of your friends about it.

And this is the best way I can think of to test that out.

Again, this is the link , I hope we can work together on this and I look forward to your sincere feedback.