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October 26, 2008

Recommended Consulting Podcasts

I really like podcasts. They are a fantastic way to leverage your time while driving, travelling, working at the home office or just passing the time. (If you have any) 

Partly due to insomnia, I listen to a great range of podcasts every day. I generally stumble across them after I am already familiar with the brand. For example, I subscribed to the Olberman podcast because I like his show and I prefer to watch it when I want, not when it's on.

This does make discovery harder. Although I will listen to recommended podcasts from friends (theres that viral thing again) or I will try out a podcast that I have found through searching.

Be warned - there are a lot of stinkers out there! Lots of boring monotone monologues with little in the way of inspiration. 

A clue is when the podcast is a limited run, sometimes good / normally not, or when the last edition was a year ago! Another clue is if the music sounds like the score from a 1970's porn flick - generally not a good sign.

But there are some real gems as well. For your own browsing here is the Alltop category for podcasts. Interstingly, not many of my choices here are on Alltop. (Hmmm?)

So if you are into podcasts, and you are looking for some good ones for the consulting game, then I recommend these as starters.

(All links here open up to iTunes)

Social Media

I hate most of this stuff. I recently got rid of all my podcasts, video casts and blogs. It has turned into a very annoying genre and not one that interests me any more. Its useful in the discovery part of things - but there is only so much you can take of someone prattling on endlessly about their iPhone.

Even the CrunchTalk podcast was forgettable. Shame - I expected so much more from this up and coming media property. Maybe it is a flash in the pan after all...

Anyway, what I do subscribe to in the Technology arena is the I, Cringely. This is a great podcast that has a deep technology angle coupled with a deep business angle. 

Thats the stuff that helps me. Tehc and trends, really enjoying it right now. (Even if I don't "get" it all)

Entrepreneur Stuff

Lots of good stuff here. But I tend to stay clear of anybody who sounds like Tony Robbins when I listen to them. I just unsubscribed to Sales Gravy for this reason. Too much "you can do this" and "I respect you" type of stuff for me. Particularly from someone who has no clue who I am.

Right on the other side of this spectrum is The Advanced Selling Podcast. Good fun, good advice, and two guys who realize that if they take themselves too seriously - nobody else will. I get lots of inspiration here.

Another great podcast is The Duct Tape Marketing podcast. John Jantsch is a good host, and from all accounts a knowledgable marketer. His podcasts do reek of home made though, particularly with the tapping pen!! (What's up with that John!!)

But he has great content, fantastic guests, and he pushes the issues into really intriguing areas. I always prefer to listen to people who are dripping with experience. Anyday.

Good interviews with Chris Brogan, Bob Burg and heaps of others. 

Internet Business Mastery is one of those podcasts that I like. Its really about a couple of guys who are talking all about their success online and how it has enabled them to enjoy a diferent and aparently better lifestyle. But there are some good themes there. Well worth the half an hour a week to listen to. (Easy)

The Real Estate Guys is a great podcast that I have been listening to for a while now. It started off my real estate investing with a bang and I really enjoy the format and content of the program. Really good one. 


I havent found too many good podcasts on the consulting game yet. But the ones I have a really pretty good. The Way I See It and Brave New World are great insights from Alan Weiss. I listen to these whenever they come out. 

Business General

I like MSNBC. I cant help but Listen to Countdown, The Rachael Maddow Show and Hardball. I also download the Meet The Press videos every week. All very good high end quality stuff. 

Just as a note. None of these podcasts are in the Alltop categories for podcasts. I think that iTunes remains the number one catalogue for this stuff. 

I hope these are of some interest anduse to you. Just thought I would share some of the contents of my iPod. Beats TV...