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October 14, 2008

The Path You Blaze

Sometimes you look back at the trail you have made in the world and smile.

Today I realized that over the course of the past two years I have helped a small group of colleagues to move one of the world’s major enterprises sideways.

It is a phenomenal feeling and I am very proud of the achievement. They are a lot better off financially, structurally, and in terms of risk. And they are far better off in terms of their ability to face the turbulent times ahead of us all.

But the most important thing for me, is the impact that I (we) have had on individuals.

The work we have done at this institution is already starting to seep out. I went to another similar enterprise recently and found two of the people I had trained not so long ago at a separate client. They were influencing their new employer to adopt some of the measures that I (we) had taught them.

Their careers are better off, their old and new companies are better off, and they are part of the waves of change that are taking this thinking to other people throughout the region.

But it didn’t always look like that.

I spent too much time away from the family, I spent too much time arguing and debating simple concepts, and I spent too much time being frustrated by ridiculous issues.

This was never going to be over, it was never going to be successful and we were never going to see any results from it.

But in hindsight all of that fades away, and what is left is a fantastic result, a moment in time that is already rippling throughout the region. This isn't the first time I have been able to achieve such dramatic results; but it is a sweet victory.

Where are you going now? Is this path going to get better? Will it lead you to a better place, and benefit your client in the process? Can you see bright days ahead? Are you positively impacting the lives that you cross?

It pays to raise your head and look at the path you are blazing through the world sometimes. I’m sure it will make you smile just as it did for me.