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September 10, 2008

Web 2.0 Directory

If you are like me you spend a lot of time scouring the web for innovative new products and sites that can help you to create consulting assets, market your services, or enhance your value in some fashion.

Well search no more!! Go2Web20 is a directory of Web 2.0 sites around the web. I have been visiting it now for about two weeks and it is a fantastic source for me to use to discover new sites, and new services and products.

For example, in the week when decided to tell everyone that it was going to go commercial, (Makes you feel a little betrayed and suckered doesn't it), I have used this directory to discover (an online project management tool), track my people,  and Backboard, a collaborative site to help you get feedback on documents and other works. Both of these have a small cost, but it is really negligible compared to what they allow you to do. (I reckon anyway)

Or maybe a Private Business Wiki to manage all of the information related to a product, a project or the company as a whole, share code with other developers, get help with a name for your product, service or company, or just something standard like a free invoice and time sheet tracking sites.

My how the world is transforming....

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