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September 22, 2008

The Subtle Art of Publicity

There are several ways to try to draw attention to your product. You could wait the time it takes to build a permission based sales strategy, relying on word of mouth and excellent services and products. (Or maybe even a truly extraordinary viral campaign of some sort.)

Or you could try to fast track that process by getting high profile journalists and bloggers to tell all of their readers about it.

The second is the subtle art of Publicity , getting influential people to speak positively about you, your company, your products and your services.

Dan Janal is probably the web's leading PR expert. His testimonials bristle with comments about how his clients have secured article placements, interviews with the Wall Street Journal, USA today and around 200 publications.

His clients include reams of consultants, small business owners, authors and product / site developers. I really like this model. I like it because his services are delivered via a very cost effective mentoring program which costs around $99 a month I think.

So affordable, delivers results, and helps people like us to get our products and services spoken about by people who have a far greater reach than we are likely to have on our own. Should be called PR made simple ...

Here is his site...

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