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September 16, 2008

Dan Roam and the drawing idea virus

If you are interested in the latest presentation skills and the buzz around the net, then you will be aware of Dan Roam and his new book The Back of a Napkin.

A post on his blog recently talks about how he was invited to speak to the US Senate on problem solving with visuals.

Can you imagine that? What a fantastic, imaginative and optimistic country the US is. And it shows the massive impact of an idea whose time has come.

Why drawing, and why now? I have really no idea, but it seems to me like a combination of:

1) Increasingly complex issues demanding rapid means of communicating and solving them

2) Any one can do it

3) The author is obviously a thought leader in this narrow theme area

4) Every one has sat through too many sessions of really bad PowerPoint

Either way, his book, his techniques and his images are all over the internet lately. It has inspired me as well I have to add.

Dan is part of a revolution of presentation skills types like Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte. (Whose recent profile in the LA Times was really inspirational.)

Check him out on YouTube on the Authors @ Google channel. (Which is fantastic)

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