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August 31, 2008

Some great internet sites...

I was doing some surfing the other day on and found some really great sites. Good viral marketing and just cool stuff generally.

Check these out:

It's a Wonderful Internet: Great story about the Internet and how it is now embedded in our world.

Pimp my Lift: Fantastic viral site, I have sent this to several people already.

911 Writers Block: Try this out if you get stuck and can't push through that chapter / section or report. Great advice in a fun way.

Ancient Civilizations: A great theme site from the British Museum. Useful information and a well designed site.

Fre.e Web Icons: Useful for software development, website development and for general use in consulting work. I use these a lot.

Confusing words: Good site to clear up your vocabulary. Helps to sort out some terms that you have been hearing for a while but are confused as to their meaning. (E.g. Agnostic and Atheist)

We can't be all business all the time...good to get a bit of downtime.

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