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August 25, 2008

Even more great consulting resources (The road to a self published book)

In my drive to create Consulting Assets I have stumbled upon some great sites recently. First of course was the site which is for self publishing efforts and I am truly taken with the idea. (I also think that I am among the last people in the world to discover these sites)

Ever since I read Jeffrey Gitomers' Little Red Book of Sales I have been really taken with the idea of having cartoon characters in one of my books to illustrate the pages and to add some wieght to the messages that I am trying to convey.

I spoke to a few people in Dubai, had some good quotes and found some intriguing talents, but it wasn't really what I was looking for. And like anyone else I was a bit constrained by the limits of Dubai. That is,  the people I could find in what passes for the cities yellow pages, and the people I could get referrals for.

Then I made my latest find... Yet another brilliant example of how the Internet is transforming the way we do work and placing all sorts of possibilities into everyones hands. is a site for writing freelancers to bid on any sort of writing and design work that you might require. I have already started the search for a good cartoonist there and put my work out to bid.

The possibilities are endless for a site like this. If the service is good, and I have yet to find out if it is, then I could use it for anything from Logo's, to marketing collateral, to templates and websites, through to some of the more creative work I am looking at now. How could I have done all of that before finding this place?

I like sites like this one. The variety is fantastic, there are online reviews in place, and you can even see the portfolio of the people that you are looking at hiring. Should be a great opportunity for me.

Lastly is a site I found a while ago and I have been working with a few people there to develop something else that I hope to be talking about within the year. The site is Rent a and its another example of the Internets transformational power.

Rent a is where you can put your software design and build work out to tender and have the freelancers in the community bid for the work. This is truly transformational stuff. A few short years ago the outsourced industry was only available to large corporations, today anyone can tap into highly skilled professionals throughout the world who are cutting it as freelancers.

What a wonderful time to be working in consulting...

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