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July 17, 2008

My Nanas advice for succesful business...

My Nana is a wonderful old lady, still mobile and mentally agile at the wonderful age of 84 and I hope that she will be for many more years to come. Like many in her generation she has lived a life that I find to be absolutely fascinating. The twentieth century was a time of dislocation, movement of the masses, and re-setting of regional and national boundaries.

So as you can imagine, with the war and everything else, my Nan has lived through things that speak volumes about the human spirit and the ability to survive.

When I was a young boy she always used to say to me..."Never say die, up man and try"

This has become one of my personal mantras. Never quit, keep on moving, never stop trying. And it has supported me so many times throughout my life when everything seemed at its worst, or when hope was lost.

I kept trying... and I am still moving forward today.

The core of what she would always tell me is that no matter what is sent your way, it is within you and up to you to find a way forward, and to find a way through this. Not somebody else, not the boss, your parents, your spouse or your friends.. but up to you.

Luvya Nan...