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July 20, 2008

Introduce mentoring to your consulting team

Consulting is an exciting career and I have had the opportunity to consult on projects with Global companies in different countries around the world. To be able to share my expertise and experience with clients and see that work provide value and deliver results makes the job even more rewarding.

What is just as rewarding to me is to transfer that knowledge and passion to my team and help them develop the skills and utilize their talents to be effective consultants.

One of the keys to building a top performing team of consultants is to use your experienced members to help mentor and develop new hires. This comes naturally to me and is something I enjoy doing. I have always been interested in my team being successful and having the best experience possible in learning and building their skills. I have seen others pick this up naturally and seen the benefits.

Start by selecting an experienced consultant to be a mentor and review the goals of the program. I would start by stressing that the success of the mentee only helps to improve the quality and reputation of the company. Review the training plan and discuss the timeline to introduce the mentee to business related activities. Finally stress the human side of the experience and the importance to look out for the mentee so they avoid any pitfalls or mistakes while developing. This is also a great way to send a message to a new employee that their successful development is important and eliminates any sense of isolation.

The program also provides benefits to the mentor. Time given to reflection and fostering the development of another enhances leadership skills. Mentors increase their own knowledge and communications skills by teaching another. The satisfaction gained by seeing another reach their potential is worth the effort.

If you want your consulting team or practice to grow while maintaining the culture and high level of standards you expect then a mentoring program is a must. We are all elevated by the success of our team members.

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