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July 23, 2008

Into the wild world of ePublishing

I am just starting three separate projects related to publishing. To date I have published three books in my chosen area of expertise, and I am taking Alan Weiss' advice and trying to expand my horizons into books about consulting and related fields.

However, I am going to put a bit of a spin on that. Instead of trying to publish via normal channels, I intend to do so via an eBook using Click Bank and a range of internet marketing tools to try to sell the book.

Economically it seems wiser, although there is the fact that a book published through a recognized publisher should have better distribution channels as well as an air of additional credibility. We will see.

I have never self-published before, and I'm not doing it for my ego. (Although I could do of course) The intention is to do it for three reasons,

  • Because I think I have something useful to say about consulting that could help others;
  • Because I am keen to see how the whole ePublishing thing will work out, and
  • Because I think it would be far more lucrative if it works out. 

But... I have been wrong before so we will see what transpires. I will e sure to let you all know what the results are. Stories abound and I have little to nothing to lose, so here goes.

Getting Moving

Taking this to the next step is a little bit difficult. Writing is easy. I write a lot and I have already set out the structure and some of the key points per chapter that I want to convey.

The hard stuff is everything else. I am determined to make a serious effort of this so I am looking right now at trademarking one of the names that I will be using. Next I intend to look into the copyright protection that I can afford for the entire work.

Art is always difficult. All of the books I have published to date have had the art work done by the publisher and they have all been dreadful I think. So I am talking to a guy in Dubai to see what he can do for me.

The artwork I am after includes a Logo, (Which I might do privately) the cover page itself, some ads for posting around the place, and some little figures that I want to use throughout the book to emphasize specific points and to add some additional color to the whole thing.

I have to admit I am pretty excited by the process. Particularly as it should be done and dusted within about three months tops. (The first one at least) Then based on how that goes we will look at additional tries at it.

Wish me luck!

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