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July 29, 2008

How strong is your brand?

Creating a brand in the consulting field is something that can be exceptionally difficult to understand let alone do. If you have a strong brand that will give you recognition in the marketplace, add to your revenue stream and deliver repeat work. If your brand is strong they will call you.

So how strong is your brand? Do your clients know what you stand for? Do they even know who you are? I worked for a company that had sold technology throughout the world. And when I met the VP of one of our major clients he hadn't even heard of us! So not a great brand, even though we were aiming for global domination!

I recently stumbled across a company that has an online test for brand strength. What a great idea!

Anything that can help a consultant to build value into their company, increase their revenue stream, and lock in potential clients has to be a good thing in my books. And a strong brand identity, with high levels of customer recognition that is associated with positive feelings and behaviors has to be a core element of any business development plan.

Check it out here.