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July 17, 2008

Toughen Up

Toughen UP!

This term was given to me by my father, a rather dry old outback character, and I heard it endlessly during my early life. Did me the world of good.

In fact, I reckon it would make a fantastic western ballad.

Face the facts:
  • Not everyone likes you, some dislike you, and some plainly hate you
  • Not everyone likes your ideas, some people think you are pretentious, others think you are just plan wrong
  • There are people working in your clients company to bring about your downfall right now
  •  If you have done any self promotion at all (which is vital (Hmmm... tip # 23?)) then there are people out there who think you have got it all wrong
  • If you had any association at all with anybody well known or (God forbid) slightly famous.. then you may have half of their friends and you definitely have most of their enemies
  • Not everyone likes your documents
  • Some people find your presentations outright boring
  • And... some people are going to knock the wind out of your latest proposal... heck you might even get thrown off-site!
If any or all of these points keep you awake at night then you have two options, 1) Get out of consulting, go live in a cave and speak to no one, or 2) Toughen Up, get over it, move forward.

Some people must think you're okay after all, and anyway - who cares!!! Just focus on the day, then turn it into a week, then a month and so are doing alright so far aren't you?