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June 11, 2008

Retaining Talent

The more I look around the more obvious it becomes that I live under a rock.

Last night I discovered Slideshare, a Flickr type of site where instead of photos, users upload their slide shows to share with others. Fantastic stuff, I heartily recommend it to you all.

Anyway, last night I discovered the slide show below on talent retention. I think this sums up my own thoughts on the matter.

Traditional talent retention focuses on the fear of losing people, and tends to be very reactive and at times even threatening.
  • Reactive
  • Often Too Late
  • Equity Problems (especially with other High Performers)
  • “Squeaky Wheel” Syndrome
  • “Band-Aid” Approach
  • Wrong Criteria
You see it all the time in the continual tweaking of contracts to make it almost illegal for people to do anything else but work for their present employer. (Distasteful practice)

However, we can easily deal with the vast majority of retention issues by simply providing:
  • Good Management
  • Goal Alignment
  • Leadership & Communications
  • Recognition
  • Targeted Compensation (direct investment)
Have a look at this presentation, I think you will find it as useful as I did.

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