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June 11, 2008

The Presentation is the Thing!

I am becoming fanatical about the importance of being able to present well.

Before I was pretty confident that this was important, today there is no doubt in my mind. It is probably the number 1 or number 2 skill that any (read "every") consultant should have in their toolkit.

Don't think so? Barack Obama made his debut on the national and global stage during a 17 minute presentation at the Democratic convention when John Kerry was running.

He is now the Democratic nominee and looks like getting a good chance at being the first black president.

Presenting is the thing! No doubt about it.

We have been running the Art of Presenting series here now for a few weeks, and it seems to be getting a lot of attention.

This was a follow up to our successful post on Presenting without Software and is an attempt to convey some of the passion and enthusiasm I have for presenting. (No matter where it is!)

Have a look at some of the leading speakers of our time. Nothing contrived, very conversational, unique viewpoints, detailed research, and casual presentation styles.

All consultants MUST (MUST) be good at presenting. Whether it is a round-table discussion, an interview, a pitch to the senior partners, a sales call, a report feedback session or any of the other thousands of forums.

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