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May 29, 2008

100 tips for consulting success - #7

Get Published!!

Painfully learned experience point: Consultants who are published are better received by clients than consultants who are not published.

If you are published this is physical proof that somebody else (aside from you, your spouse and possibly your mother) think that what you have to say matters. A book beats a card as a leave behind any day, and it will jimmy open more doors than hours spent cold calling.

More to the point, if you write a good book (I haven't had that good fortune commercially yet, despite publishing my third recently) Then your name really preceeds you. You get to enter the room as an expected expert, with people anticipating your unique views on life the universe and everything.

Get published, articles, the web, journals, respected compilation providers; or if you are getting pretty good at all this - then publish a book. Best move I ever made.

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