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July 14, 2008

Consulting Magazine Top 25 Consultants for 2008

I like this magazine. Generally  it has good articles, and a great focus on issues that are relevant to most consulting professionals. I particularly like the Top 25 lists. All worthy recipients, and all of them are great ambassadors for the discipline.

However... I do have a few nagging doubts I have to be honest.

I often refer to Alan Weiss in this blog. Mainly because he has had a phenomenal influence on me, and from what I see, on the industry in general. This is a guy who single handedly can generate 7 figures, as well as remaining on the "most sought out expert" lists of many major companies globally.

He is not on the list, and he is not on most of the lists that I have read.

David Maister, Tom Peters, Seth Godin - all senior and exceptionally influential consultants - not on the list(s).

I also know of a list of extremely succesful entrpreneurs who have built up their own consultancies that are not on the list. people who have been recognized as among the fastest growing companies int heir nations.

So who makes it? Again, all worthy candidates, and I would not want to denigrate any of them at all... but they are all generally corporate characters, and all of them (bar 2) work for big and recognizable names.

I will post a few reviews of this list over the next week or so, interesting theme and it is good to see recognition coming for people in the game. It can be a thankless area that we work in sometimes...

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